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I've met Dr Fuller about 10 yrs ago at Cedars Pain clinic ..... he treated my lower back pain !
Just now I went to Dr Fuller for an epidural for extreme sciatic pains in left thigh ( my Internist Dr Huizenga recommended him ) and now 72 hra later I am painfree. Dr Fuller was caring and extremely pleasant and talked to me prior to the procedure about it. I am totally satisfied ! And would recommend Dr Fuller to friends and family. Edie Locke

The most precise and competent nerve root block doctor in Los Angeles. Excellent, courteous staff, clean beautiful office. Very fair fees. The absolute best only ONLY pain management doctor for me.

Dr. Fuller is extremely conscientious, and takes time to discuss options and work with the patient for a successful outcome. Upon entering his office, one immediately has the feeling that you will be well taken care of, and all your concerns will be addressed. Dr. Fuller promotes a team approach with the patient as an integral member. Care and support is offered by the complete staff and I felt that I was their total and complete priority throughout my time at their facility. BRAVO!


I was a nurse at the surgery center that the negative reviewer was referring to and Dr Fuller WAS NOT the physician who performed the injection on the patient who claimed fell twice. This surgery center is no longer open. Dr Fuller is a skilled, wonderful physician who has excellent bedside manner and great interventional skills.

I was having pain in my neck area and was very apprehensive with pain treatments from what I was told and what I have read online. Dr. Fuller put me at ease! He took the time to explain procedures and what to expect, and treated me with respect and utmost professionalism! And treated my pain! Bless you Dr. Fuller! Definite bonus - great parking, excellent staff and wonderful follow up I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!

I saw Dr Fuller earlier this year and I was extremely pleased with the care I received. He is out of network-the office explained my insurance benefits and responsibilities. I was offered a weekend appointment, which was really convenient. He helped me tremedously in my time of need.

Besides his years of skilled experience as a top Beverly Hills pain doctor, I think what makes Dr Fuller different from all other pain doctors is his outstanding empathy for his patients. By understanding my point of view, Dr Fuller explained what to expect from my treatment in a way that put me at great ease. The confidence I felt in Dr Fuller contributed to my positive thoughts for a quick recovery. I highly recommend Dr Fuller to those to want a doctor with the right skills, solid values, and the perfect touch. Thank you Dr. Fuller!

First class service. Excellent experience. After my consultation, I knew that Dr Fuller truly wanted to help me with my pain. He educated me about my neck and treatment options. I did not feel pressured or felt like he was selling me an injection. I trust Dr Fuller. He genuinely looks out for patients well being.

Excellent Doctor! Caring and very knowledgable.

I had no diagnose for my severe pain for about 4 years. Nothing that the other doctors would do for me or try, would help at all. At my 1st visit with Dr. Lowenstein, he told me what he thought was wrong and started with medication and patches that gave me some relief that very day. My condition is not going to totally go away, but he has provided me with a diagnosis and the medication that allows me to have a much better quality of daily life than I had prior to coming to see him.

I have been seeing Dr. Lowenstein for over 4 years. He has been great. I really trust him and his treatments have helped me. His office staff is also outstanding.

They are help and understanding. They explain everything and take the time for all questions and help resolve the problems.

Would highly recommend him to others in need of a pain management doctor. Takes a great deal of time to listen to his patients as does his physician assistant.

dr. lowenstien, russ and the staff always make me feel at home. great facility and staff. wouldnt change dr.s for the world..

Dr Lowenstein is a knowledgeable , compassionate and kind doctor. He takes his time reviewing your case and finding the best pain relief for your diagnosis. His office staff are competent and professional.

Dr. Lowenstein, has been my pain management Dr. for years. He and his staff are very professional and they take care of me, listen to my questions and I'm very satisfied to be his patient for all these years. Thanks

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